7 of the Healthiest Herbs Cancer Survivors Should Grow

Healthiest Herbs

I can’t think of a cancer-fighting goal that could be easier than growing (and enjoying) fresh herbs in your garden. When cancer researchers suggest that you eat a “plant-based diet”, I think many people think of vegetables and fruits, whole grains and legumes. But I think most forget that herbs and spices are an important part of a cancer-fighting, plant-based diet too.

In my garden the sage comes back every year


The Healthiest Herbs Contain Phytonutrients

Herbs, like other healthy plants in our diet, contain phytonutrients—healthy plant nutrients. I have assembled this chart below to give you a quick look at some of the herbs you will find at your local garden centre or grocery store. The chart includes information on the cancer-fighting evidence for these herbs too. I’ve restricted this to the herbs that are easy to find and grow, as I’m not expecting you to plant a cinnamon tree in your yard.

Rosemary is particularly good at blocking the formation of carcinogens with barbecuing meat.


Want to know the neat part of this recommendation to grow and enjoy fresh herbs? Not only will eating the herbs have beneficial health effects but studies show gardening is beneficial too! Double wow!

Thyme in garden pot
I like to mix herbs and flowers in the same pot.

The seven herbs in my chart are super easy to grow. You may even find that mint and sage will grow as perennials for you. Some people complain about mint taking over the garden, so if you don’t want that, then plant it in a pot or contained space.


You can dry the mint yourself and have mint tea all winter

When you go to the garden centre, you will see several forms of most of these herbs. For example, Italian oregano, purple basil, lemon basil, French thyme,  and others. Just plant the ones you enjoy the most. They all contain the same active ingredient, so you will get the health benefits no matter which flavour version you choose. Some with added colour like purple basil will contain pigments that aren’t in the green variety. As a general rule, pigments in herbs are members of the carotenoid family, a beneficial group of phytonutrients.

This is Italian flat leaf parsley

Healthiest Herbs and their Evidence

Herb Information Table


Basil plant
I love to add fresh basil to tomato salad. The stones in the planter help keep the squirrels from digging up my plants.


Happy planting!

If you want to cook with fresh herbs, try these recipes

Fried Sage

Parsley Pesto

Tomato Pesto Sauce


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