Boosting the Immune System to Fight Cancer

Boosting the Immune System to Fight Cancer

While preparing an upcoming product I will be releasing, I have been diving in for a deep review of the immune system. I have been reading about the inflammatory response and how our immune system uses this as a way to heal and repair damaged tissue.

Unfortunately, I got a first-hand review of this when my daughter fell off the monkey bars and broke her arm. The five pillars of inflammation were all present: redness, heat, swelling, loss of function and pain.

I managed to keep myself calm as I drove to the hospital emergency department. Thankfully, my partner was with us so she could sit in the back and take care of the patient, while I navigated the streets to the ER. The patient is now on the road to recovery.

The doctors at the children’s hospital are all too familiar with monkey bar mishaps and were able to get a good alignment of the fractured bone without surgery.

Broken Bone Pictorial
My daughter missed school and as it turns out, her assignment was to prepare a pictorial of a story with one sentence each. Here are her four drawings to give you a visual of the adventure.

I have often spoken about a “cancer fighting diet” and “fighting cancer cells”, but recently, I started to approach cancer from a different perspective. This new perspective is that of “boosting the immune system”. The immune system, after all, is the body’s built-in army for fighting invaders. Most of us think of the immune system when it comes to bacteria, viruses and infections but it is also fights against cancer cells.

While chemotherapy, radiation and surgery are the tools of the oncologist, the immune system is our built-in healing tool. There is a part of the immune system called cell-mediated immunity. This consists of cells that recognize abnormal cells and attack them. They don’t need to know the foreign cells by a previous infection or immunization.

This is the part of the immune system we can use against cancer. It begs the question, is there anything we can do to support this part of our immune system? Turns out there are many tools at our disposal. An obvious one is what we eat, but there are several lifestyle factors that can be used too. I can’t wait to share with you more about what I have learned about nutrition and lifestyle tips to boost your own immune system. The best way to stay up to date is to join my community and receive my monthly blog posts.

Until then, be healthy.