How Do I Support My Coworker Who Has Cancer?

In a previous post entitled How Friends and Family Can Improve Your Health. I talked about the benefits of social support.

According to the American Cancer Society (1), many studies have shown that people who are socially isolated are more likely to die of all causes, including cancer.

We do know that social support and practical help improve the quality of life of people with cancer, and in some cases prolong survival. These things also help people who have cancer cope better with their diagnosis, treatment and recovery (1).

When a family member or friend is diagnosed with cancer, our instinct is to jump in and lend a hand. But what if it is someone we know who isn’t in our immediate social circle? How do we support a coworker diagnosed with cancer?

The American Cancer Society has published this guide to help you understand how you can help when someone you work with has cancer.




(1) American Cancer Society