Living With Podcast with Host Tom Coccagna

Living With Podcast with Host Tom Coccagna

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This is the second in my series of introducing you to my favourite cancer specific podcasts. I highly recommend that you check these out! If you aren’t familiar with podcasts or how to listen on the go, check out my post about the top 10 podcasts for cancer thrivers. You can find the post HERE.

The first podcast I reviewed and recommend is The Cancer Warrior with Mel Majoros. You can read my review and listen to the episode that I was featured on here.

This second podcast review is for a podcast called Living With… with host Tom Coccagna. When I first heard Tom Coccagna speak, he reminded me of Mr. Rogers. Do you remember that children’s show? It went like this…Mr. Rogers would come into the house and change from his outside shoes to his inside ones and his light jacket to a sweater. Then he would talk to kids, have guests and do a craft.

Living WithTom’s voice brought me back to that show and I instantly felt that his voice was one I could trust. Tom is a gentle soul who has been put on this earth to help others. He is an amazing listener. I can’t stand so-called “professional interviewers” who constantly interrupt their guests. Tom doesn’t interrupt. He listens. He lets his guests tell their whole story. And the stories are amazing!

Tom interviews people who have done inspiring things as a result of their cancer. Some have written books, started charities and began donor registry drives. Despite their illnesses, these people put their heart and soul into helping others. The kind of people whose shoulders new patients stand on. They have seen where deficiencies lie and are committed to making things easier for the patients who come after them.

Tom himself lives with a form of myelodysplastic syndrome and will often share parts of his personal experience as he relates to his guest. His podcast is relatively new as it only started in February 2015, and I hope it continues. I think the stories people share on his podcast need to be heard by cancer patients and survivors because they provide hope and inspiration! I encourage you to listen!

The interview I did with Tom was released in June. You can listen to the episode on Tom’s website HERE or access the episode through iTunes HERE. This episode is the only place where I have made public the very stressful events surrounding my cancer diagnosis. Anyone who has had a cancer diagnosis on the heels of a stressful life event will relate to my story. I shared my story because I want you to realize how stress can leave your immune system vulnerable and also because I want you to know how important it is for you to love and accept yourself unconditionally.