Movie Review – Hungry for Change

Movie Review – Hungry for Change

I have been doing book reviews for years and am now branching out to include movie reviews. Of course, I’m not reviewing the latest blockbuster, I will focus my attention on films that are relevant to food, nutrition and cancer.

Hungry for ChangeRecently I watched Hungry for Change. It is a documentary from two Australians—James Colquhoun and Laurentine ten Bosch—who describe themselves as nutritional consultants turned filmmakers. Hungry for Change is their second film—their first is Food Matters (see my review of the Food Matters film here).

I must admit, I started watching this film with some skepticism. I had just finished watching their first film, Food Matters and I thought Hungry for Change would be more of the same—conspiracy theories about big pharma and government conspiring to keep us sick with cancer so they can profit financially. But the film ended up surprising me…in a good way!

I highly recommend Hungry for Change. It is a documentary style film with intermittent clips of a fictitious young woman who is struggling with her eating habits and perception of herself. Also, it is interspersed with interviews with well-known advocates for healthy eating including Dr. Cristiane Northrup, Davide Wolfe and Joe Cross. Some of their claims I was not so sure about, such as those around MSG, but I found most of their recommendations highly digestible.

Here are my take-away recommendations from watching the film:

  • focus on what you should be eating (i.e. organic vegetables and fruits) and these will eventually crowd out the unhealthy food in your diet;
  • your mind is a powerful tool, so be aware of the messaging that you have about yourself ;
  • and finally, love yourself.

They do recommend some specific diet changes like vegetable juicing, spirulina and chia seeds in normal culinary quantities. And these are all safe recommendations.

Bottom Line

I recommend you watch Hungry for Change. I think it will inspire you to make positive changes to your health.