Movie Review – The Connection

Movie Review – The Connection

The ConnectionI watched The Connection as part of a promotion from FMTV (Food Matters TV) , which is a service like Netflix, but it features food, nutrition and health films, many of which are documentaries.

The Connection is a film directed by Australian journalist Shannon Harvey who was diagnosed with a career-altering autoimmune disease. Check out the film’s website here.

Harvey used her training as a journalist to begin researching medical help for her condition. She found some research on stress and health. As she followed this research trail, she found a great deal of information published on the connection between the mind and the body.

During the documentary, she interviews medical experts such as Jon Kabat Zinn, known for his research in mindfulness-based stress reduction, and Dr. Dean Ornish, known for his work with reversing heart disease.

I must congratulate Shannon Harvey for seeking out the right experts for this research and film. I’m sure many alternative practitioners would have jumped at the chance to speak to her on film about this subject, but she choose conventionally-trained researchers and medical practitioners who can talk about the research with authority, which raised the film to high quality product.

In a follow-up interview, Harvey mentioned that the medical community is embracing her film and I’m not surprised as she really did create a high quality project.

Bottom Line:

I love this film. I think everyone should watch it, especially those who are dealing with a medical condition. It is powerful and evidence-based. I think it can have a major positive impact on your health.