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Foods that Prevent Cancer

Foods that Prevent Cancer

The World Cancer Research Fund along with its partners the American Institute for Cancer Research have published their updated guidelines regarding the links between food, nutrition, physical activity and cancer. This latest publication, published in 2018 is the 3rd comprehensive report. The last one was published in 2007.

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Cancer Risk Reduction Guide

Cancer Risk Reduction Guide

When I finished my cancer treatment, I was full of anxiety. I thought that every time I got a headache or a twinge or uneasy feeling that my cancer had come back. I was jumpy and on edge. When I asked my doctor what I could do he said ‘just eat a healthy diet’ but that didn’t seem like enough. When I heard this, I pictured Canada’s Food Guide (nothing wrong with Canada’s Food Guide) but being a cancer survivor, I felt I needed something more specific to my needs.

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