The Cancer Warrior—Mel Majoros

The Cancer Warrior—Mel Majoros

Podcasts for Cancer Thrivers Series Heading

I want to introduce you to my favourite podcasts that are hosted by other cancer thrivers (just like you!). Turns out you are not alone—it is great to hear how some cancer thrivers are using their cancer as a springboard to help others. I highly recommend that you subscribe to these podcasts and become a regular listener.

The Cancer Warrior SquareThe first in this series is Mel Majoros. Mel has a top-rated blog, The Cancer Warrior and she hosts her own podcast, The Cancer Warrior on Empower Radio. Mel says a positive mental attitude got her through her cancer and she wants to share this with her listeners. And she does a great job of this!

She began her podcast in April 2013 and it is still going strong. She interviews cancer survivors and draws inspiration from their stories to share with her listeners.

Mel is definitely a team player when it comes to sharing lessons from her cancer experience, providing information and sharing her positive energy with her listeners, who I suspect are predominately cancer patients and survivors.

She is very down to earth and her style is open and honest. She is passionate about hockey and often brings up the subject. I had the opportunity to be interviewed on her podcast and we had instant rapport—I think our shared history of hockey playing had a lot to do with that!

CLICK HERE TO LISTEN to Mel and I talk about nausea, nutrition, the immune system and where my approach to cancer nutrition fits on the continuum. The episode on Mel’s podcast is called “Boosting Your Immune System with Jean LaMantia”.

Maybe some day Mel and I can hit the ice together, until then this interview will serve as our hat trick 😉

>> Here is the link to check out the podcast <<

Go have a listen! Let me know what you think of the episode in the comments section below.

If you aren’t familiar with podcasts or how to listen on the go using your smart phone, then check out my blog post about podcasting and my top 10 list for cancer thrivers! CLICK HERE to learn more!