The Easter Bunny Should Bring Dark Chocolate

The Easter Bunny Should Bring Dark Chocolate

Chocolate Egg_1

Easter is upon us and the Easter baskets will soon be set out for the Easter bunny to delivery his annual bootie.

This year, ask your bunny to bring dark chocolate instead of milk.


Because chocolate contains twice the polyphenol content of a glass of red wine and about as much as a cup of green tea brewed for 8-10 minutes. The polyphenols in chocolate are powerful antioxidants (antioxidants repair damaged cells). When you combine chocolate with milk however, the absorption of the beneficial polyphenols goes down dramatically.

Aim for 70% cocoa, but if that is too bitter for you, start with ‘dark’ chocolate which is about 52% and throughout the year keep at  this level and gradually increase so that by Christmas you are a 70% chocolate lover.

Enjoy your dark chocolate Easter treats and the vacation time with your families.

Here is a picture of some hollow-out eggs that my girls and I painted.