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Nutrition Counselling for Cancer Patients

By Phone – or – In Person

Why Nutrition Counselling?

Because I’m worth it.

Because I believe what I eat matters.

Because I want to do everything I can.


Why Work with Jean?

A great listener.

Real life experience.

Well versed in the research and doesn’t fall for the hype.

Want to Know More?

Jean’s Approach to Nutrition Counselling for Cancer Patients

Supporting your immune system

Reducing chronic inflammation

Acting on cancer cells directly

I would be pleased to share with you a personalized evidence-informed nutrition and lifestyle plan that will support your immune system, reduce chronic inflammation and act on cancer cells directly. Once you put these tools into action in your life, you should feel more in control, I know that I felt a lot happier and healthier and less fear, anxiety and hyper-vigilance.

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Nutrition Counselling for Lymphedema

Jean’s Approach to Reduce Lymphedema

What you eat matters

When you eat matters

How much you eat matters

Whether you have primary or secondary lymphedema or whether your secondary lymphedema is due to cancer or another cause, you can use nutrition to compliment your lymphedema care.  You will need to continue with your complete decongestive therapy including manual lymphatic drainage, compression, exercise and skin care but nutrition can be used to compliment these therapies. You don’t need to make all of your nutrition changes at once, in fact, I recommend you make nutrition changes in a step wise approach as this will allow you to know how your lymphedema responds to different elements in your diet. Knowing what helps and what worsens your lymphedema will allow you to anticipate flare-ups and have additional tools to help you get your lymphedema under control.

Nutrition Counselling for Weight Loss and Cravings

Jean’s Approach to Weight Loss and Busting Cravings

I believe…

A craving is your body′s way of talking to you.

Your eating doesn′t have to be perfect, it just has to be better than what it was.

You can be successful, no matter what′s happened in the past.

I worked at the Adelaide Health Clinic for 7 years, helping clients lose weight and get the most out of their workouts. These were all intelligent, accomplished people. Most of them knew the basics about healthy eating, some of them knew a lot. Most of my clients came to me after they already made the obvious changes to their eating. What I was able to offer which allowed them to be successful was fine tuning of their eating plan. I was expert at spotting the little things. When there are enough little things to change and tweak, then you get results. I also offered accountability, trouble shooting and encouragement. In the words of one of my successful clients “if I could have done it myself, I would have.” I would be happy to work with you to help you achieve your weight goals and bust the cravings.

Getting Started with Personalized Nutrition Counselling

Insurance for Nutrition Counselling

Jean is able to bill directly to your insurance through eClaims by Telus Health

Benefits of using eClaims for diet counselling:

  • It’s free service and it can reduce your out-of-pocket expenses
  • Your insurance claim is submitted on your behalf
  • Most major insurers are offering the service
  • Find out more at

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Lymphedema Nutrition School

Lymphedema Nutrition School is the small group class that I created for you, if you want to;

  • Learn about nutrition for lymphedema
  • Get to know your triggers
  • Set goals and achieve them
  • Reduce your cravings
  • Improve your lymphedema

To find out more and to register for the next class, go to Lymphedema Nutrition School.