Nutrition Seminars and Workshops

In my work as a program leader at Wellspring Cancer Support Agency, I am developing a regular following. The members that attend my Nutrition Seminars attend all my seminars and just can’t seem to get enough. They tell me, “we like the way you explain things”.

They like that I can tell a story and they can get it. I’m a story teller at heart and by telling a story, I make a subject like “sugar and cancer” or “soy and phytoestrogens” or “how the lymphatic system works” come alive.

I’ve sat through enough boring speakers with overcrowded power points to know, it’s not just information that audiences are after, it’s an entertaining, engaging, motivating speaker and that’s always my goal when I get in front of an audience to present a nutrition seminar.

Jean LaMantia at the podium of a nutrition seminar

Popular Nutrition Seminar Topics

My Cancer Treatment is Finished… Now What?

A first person account of the fear and anxiety that plagued me after my treatment finished. I introduce The 3 Keys to Cancer Risk Reduction that allowed me to get out of fear and helplessness and take back control and take concrete steps to help reduce my risk. This nutrition seminar is very popular with an audience of cancer survivors and health professionals.

Hot Topics in Cancer Nutrition

This is by far my most popular nutrition seminars requested by health professionals. That’s because every nurse, dietitian, doctor, pharmacist and other allied health professionals get asked these questions every day. Does sugar feed cancer? Should I be using coconut oil? Does the alkaline diet cure cancer? Clients love this talk too – they always tell me “there is so much contradictory information on the internet, I just want to know what I can trust”. You will feel much more confident after this talk!

Anti-Inflammatory Diets

Inflammation is at the root of heart disease, Alzheimer’s, cancer and more! This presentation on the anti-inflammatory diet is a great investment in your personal health as you will learn what is inflammation, why does it become chronic, how to measure it and most importantly what you can do about it. You will leave this session knowing that your health is in your hands!

Conquering Cravings

Most of us know what to do to improve our eating and lose weight. Why aren’t we doing it? Are those pesky cravings throwing you off and derailing your best efforts? What would it mean for you if you could drastically reducing your cravings? Give your will-power a rest and set yourself up to success with this new approach to healthy eating. This nutrition seminar is good for all audiences including general audiences, and cancer survivors, especially those looking to lose weight.

Nutrition for Lymphedema

After attending this nutrition seminar, you will understand what the lymphatic system is and the important job it does for your body.  You will also appreciate the critical role the lymphatic system plays in your digestion. I will lay out the framework for the diet that I recommend for people with or at risk of lymphedema based on the research that I did for my book; The Complete Lymphedema Management and Nutrition Guide.

Guide to Intermittent Fasting

Jean LaMantia, author of Intermittent Fasting: The Complete Guide to Fasting for Your Health, Weight and Wellness, will explore the popular trend of Intermittent Fasting. After attending this session, you will understand what is fasting and how does it works you will also be aware of some of the human research on fasting as well as some of the popular lingo to help you understand this growing phenomenon.

Popular Diets in the World of Cancer

Does the alkaline diet cure cancer? Is it better to juice my vegetables? Should I go keto? These are just some of the questions you will get answers to during this popular nutrition seminar.

You can customize this session by asking me to review your selection of popular cancer diets including ketogenic, raw vegan, juicing, Gerson therapy, Budwig protocol, paleo or gluten free.

Finding Credible Nutrition Information on the Internet

Do you think if you were shown two different websites on the same nutrition topic that you could choose which one was credible and which one wasn’t? It’s harder than you might think and audiences are shocked at what they discover in this nutrition seminar. I’ll give you to tools to become a discerning consumer and to protect yourself from hucksters and frauds. This is a great talk for general audiences including lunch & learns and health & wellness sessions.

Don’t see the Nutrition Seminar topic you’re after?

This is just a list of my most popular topics, I have other topics (Canada’s New Food Guide, Label Reading, Healthy Eating on the Go, Choosing the Best Cooking Oils) and I can also developed a talk specific for your audience.

Need Financial Support? There are opportunities for sponsorship, let me know if you need to apply.

What the people who book Jean for their Nutrition Seminars say

I have had the opportunity to hear Jean LaMantia speak on numerous occasions; at conferences for patients and healthcare professionals and at Wellspring Cancer Support Centres presenting to patients and caregivers. Jean is a very engaging, professional and knowledgeable speaker that connects well with the audience members no matter their level of understanding of the subject matter. Jean is able to discuss the most recent evidence-based research and complex nutritional concerns of people living with cancer with simplicity and lucidity. Jean is a very caring, approachable and professional when presenting and has a vast knowledge and expertise in the area of nutrition and cancer related side effects. I would highly recommend Jean to present at any professional speaking engagements.

– Kate Smith, Manager of Physical and Functional Programs, Wellspring Cancer Support Centres

Jean presented at our annual Primary Care Registered Dietitian conference in the fall of 2017. Her material was based on scientific based research and to enhance that was her personal story and experience. Her talk was engaging and professional and she provided the opportunity for the audience to participate and ask questions. I would highly recommend Jean as a presenter at any professional speaking engagement!

– Lynn Augustino, Registered Dietitian and Conference Organizer

Jean has been to our GE Canada site to present to our staff on 2 occasions. Each presentation was so informative and interactive and the employees are asking to have her back again. Jean is knowledgeable, wonderful speaker and engages the audience in her presentations. I would highly recommend Jean to present to any setting on nutrition, cancer and other topics she has expertise in.

– Ruth Mckillip, RN/COHN(c) General Electric, Grid Solutions

Jean is an extremely knowledgeable, approachable healthprofessional who develops and delivers practical, hands-on programs that clients love!

– Joanne Bak, Registered Dietitian, Summerville Family Health Team

This word cloud is from webinar attendee feedback from a presentation entitled Inflammation and the Anti-Inflammatory Diet Through a Cancer Lens

word cloud from webinar participants

Upcoming Nutrition Seminars

I’m in talks with several organizations about speaking engagements in 2021. Check back for regular updates.

To stay up to date on speaking engagements, sign up to my community and you will be sure to be notified of important registration information. Events without hyperlinks will be updated with registration information as it becomes available.

I would love to speak to your group. Please get in touch with the date of your event and the topic that you are after.

Nutrition Webinars on Demand

The following Nutrition Webinars are available On Demand through Dietitian Central. Click on the title of the webinar to be taken to the page to sign up. It is free to join Dietitian Central and a small fee to watch the webinars.

Intermittent Fasting – A Guide for Dietitians

After attending this webinar, you will be able to:

  • State the various types of intermittent fasting regimes.
  • Summarize the overall conclusions of the human research on intermittent fasting.
  • Explain the key benefits attributed to intermittent fasting.
  • Earn 1 CEU credit

A Dietitian’s Guide to Lymphedema: Definition, Treatment and the Dietitian’s Roll

After attending this webinar, you will be able to:

  • Confidently explain to their clients the role that nutrition plays in the management of lymphedema
  • Visualize the lymphatic system and its main roles regarding fluid management, immune support and digestion
  • Confidently explain to their clients the role that nutrition plays in the management of lymphedema
  • Earn 1 CEU credit

The Dietitian’s Guide to Cooking Oil Chemistry: What Matters, What Doesn’t and Why

After attending this webinar, you will be able to:

  • State common claims on vegetable oil labels
  • Identify which oil attributes are healthy
  • Distinguish which oil attributes are substantiated by evidence and which are not
  • Earn 1 CEU credit

Anti-Inflammatory Diets: A Guide for Dietitian’s

After attending this webinar, you will be able to:

  • State the difference between acute and chronic inflammation
  • List at least 1 blood test for inflammation
  • Identify which foods and dietary patterns are anti-inflammatory
  • Earn 1 CEU credit

Hot Topics in Cancer Nutrition

After attending this webinar, you will be able to:

  • Name 3 Hot Topics in cancer nutrition
  • State the issues associated with the Hot Topics in Cancer Nutrition
  • Be aware of the research that can guide evidence-based practice around Hot Topics in Cancer Nutrition
  • Earn 1 CEU credit

Pros and Cons of Popular Diets for Cancer: Arming Dietitians with Answers

After attending this webinar, you will be able to:

  • Name at least 4 popular diets promoting as cancer treatments or cures
  • Be able to state at least 2 pros and cons of each diet
  • Feel confident that they can field client questions about these diets without alienating them
  • Earn 1 CEU credit

Free Webinars:

This webinar is hosted by Orgain and can be watched On Demand for Free.

Inflammation and the Anti-Inflammatory Diet Through a Cancer Lens

After attending this webinar, you will be able to:

  • Distinguish between helpful acute inflammation and damaging chronic inflammation
  • Visualize the role that inflammation plays in cancer progression
  • State at least three diseases that are linked to cancer via inflammation
  • Earn 1 CEU credit

Understanding Lymphedema by Ann DiMenna, Physiotherapist

This session was presented by my co-author Ann DiMenna. After watching this webinar, you will be able to:

  • Understand what the lymphatic system does
  • How to treat lymphedema
  • How a lymphedema therapist can help you

Nutrition for Lymphedema

After watching this webinar, you will be able to:

  • State the 3 main functions of the lymphatic system
  • Describe at least 3 ways in which diet can impact lymphedema
  • Make a plan for yourself to improve your diet to help your lymphedema

Nutrition Seminar Speaking Resume

National Lymphedema Network, 2020 National Virtual Conference, Tuesday, Oct 27, 2020, Virtual

Lymphedema Association of Manitoba Symposium 2020, Friday, March 6-Saturday, March 7th 2020, Winnipeg Manitoba

Canadian Lymphedema Framework National Conference, Nutrition and Lymphedema Diet. , Toronto, ON, Nov 1, 2019

Winner, People’s Choice Award (CLF) Conference Poster Presentation, Toronto, ON, Nov 2, 2019

National Lymphedema Network (NLN) Conference, General Assembly, Establishing Nutrition Guidelines for the Management of Lymphedema, Talk, Boston, MA, Oct 28, 2019

Facebook Live, Lymphedema Sugar Busters Support Group, Nutrition for Lymphedema, Oct 11, 2019

Nutrition for Lymphedema, Ontario Lymphedema Association, Annual General Meeting, Toronto, ON, Sept 27, 2019

A Dietitians Primer on Lymphedema, Webinar for Dietitians of Canada, Oncology Network, Canadian National Event

Living Beyond Breast Cancer Annual Conference, Anti-Inflammatory Diet for Cancer, Philadelphia, PA

New York State Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, Annual Conference, My Cancer Treatment is Finished…Now What?, Syracuse, NY

Myeloma Support Group Annual Meeting, Super Healthy Foods, Oakville, ON

Markham Lymphatic Centre: Nutrition for Lymphedema, Markham, ON

Niagara Regions Dietitians Meeting, Dispelling Nutrition Myths in Oncology, St. Catharines, ON

Lung Cancer Canada National Conference: Super Healthy Foods and Cooking Demo, Toronto, ON

CAREpath Inc Oncology Nurses Day: My Cancer Treatment is Finished…Now What?, Mississauga, ON

Registered Dietitians in Family Health Teams Annual Conference: My Cancer Treatment is Finished…Now What? and Debunking Nutrition Myths in Oncology, Barrie, ON

Life After Breast Cancer Conference: My Cancer Treatment is Finished…Now What?, Hamilton, ON

RD’s In Pediatric Oncology Practice: Dispelling Nutrition Myths in Oncology, Orange County California

GI Cancer Allied Health Professionals Conference: Hot Topics in Cancer Nutrition, Hamilton, ON

Four-week Workshop, Cancer Survivors Take Back Control, HopeSpring Cancer Support Centre: Waterloo, ON

Hopespring Cancer Support Centre Fundraiser, Finding Credible Nutrition Information on the Internet, Waterloo, ON

Oncology Dietetic Practice Group, Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, Dispelling Nutrition Myths in Oncology, Virtual Webinar

You can see that I travel all over Canada and the U.S. to speak. I would be happy to travel to your location to provide a talk. I am also conformable presenting webinars on virtual platforms.

P.S. For Media Requests and Appearances, or more information on how I can help with your next workshop or conference, please contact me.


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Want to Know More? Here’s the ‘Resume’ Stuff

My Qualifications:

  • Bachelor of Applied Science in Human Nutrition, University of Guelph, 1990; Graduated with Honours
  • Clinical Dietetic Internship, Toronto Western Hospital, 1991
  • Certified Diabetes Educator, Canadian Diabetes Association, 1997-2012
  • Certified Personal Trainer, Canadian Personal Trainer Network 2003
  • Certificate of Training in Adult Weight Management, American Dietetic Association, 2004

My Memberships:

  • The College of Dietitians of Ontario
  • Dietitians of Canada (DC)
  • Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics (AND)
  • DC Oncology Network
  • AND Oncology Dietetics Practice Group
  • DC Diabetes, Obesity and Cardiovascular Disease Network
  • Lymphedema Association of Ontario
  • National Lymphedema Network

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